How to Clean Your 14k Gold Filled Jewelry

How to Clean Your 14k Gold Filled Jewelry

Jewel Ya 14k Gold Filled designs are made to last - both in style and quality.  Like me you probably wear your jewelry daily.  Every now and then it's important to give your pieces a little love in order to keep them looking their best.  I have tips and storage tricks to keep yours shiny and bright.  But, first, let's dive into a bit of the background on 14k gold filled jewelry.

What are the benefits of 14k Gold Filled Jewelry?

14k gold filled jewelry is your best alternative to solid gold because of its durability, quality - and let's be honest here - it makes beautiful jewelry, without a steep price tag too!  Jewel Ya 14k gold filled designs will not turn your skin green and do not rust.  It does not change colors to another metal or tarnish either.  With minimal cleaning our designs have a very long life.  Afterall I have several 14k gold filled jewelry pieces from my high school years (a very long time ago).   Finally, if you have sensitive skin it is hypoallergenic and very rarely irritates skin.

What is 14k Gold Filled Jewelry?

Gold filled means that the metal is 1/20th or 5% gold by volume, instead of 100% solid gold. Gold filled metal is made by bonding a thin layer of karat gold to a brass or another type of metal.  Because the gold is mechanically bonded to the base metal, it cannot rub off, unlike the gold-plated jewelry.  When you purchase 14k gold filled jewelry it has a certifying stamp.  If someone cannot show you a stamp then their jewelry may not be authentic. The process of making 14k gold filled metal is monitored and must meet exact guidelines to receive the stamp.

14k Gold Filled Storage Tips & Tricks.

First off, the key to giving your pieces the longest life is storing them in airtight containers. This helps immensely in preventing and slowing any build up of dirt.  One of the keystones of my brand is that every Jewel Ya design comes packaged in acrylic airtight containers. For those of you who have a large collection of our pieces, I also recommend storage options from the Container Store.   It's an easy way to hold many pieces in one airtight and viewable box.  Shop my favorite storage designs here.

Now Let's Start Cleaning! 

What you will need: JSP jewelry cleaner (even their sterling silver cleaner works), cloth, and soap.

1. Gather your 14k gold filled designs.

2. Grab your cleaner. My favorite is the dip style by JSP when a design is very dirty and doesn't have any gemstones attached to it. Shop Here.

3. At your sink take your jewelry and drop it into the cleaner.  Briefly let it soak for 5-10 seconds.  You will easily see the metal become clean during the process.

4. Next take it out of the cleaner and rinse them thoroughly with soap and warm water.  This is a key step. You won't want to leave any residue on the jewelry.

5. Lay them out for 30 minutes - 1 hour to completely dry on a cloth or paper towel.  It is important for it to completely dry out.

6. Place it back in your airtight container so your designs stay bright and shiny for their next wear.  Or better yet, put it on and head out for your day.