Top 20 Moments at Jewel Ya Through The Years

Top 20 Moments at Jewel Ya Through The Years

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Wow, it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since I left corporate America and founded Jewel Ya.   I'm beyond thankful for all your encouragement,  love and support. Milestones like these are meant to be celebrated, so let's stroll down memory lane with the top 20 moments in the Jewel Ya journey!

  1. February 2003 I took $400 out of the ATM and attended the gem show in Tucson-my first buying trip. 
  2. The first (of many) trunk show in the dining room at my home.  I wondered if anyone would come and you did! 
  3. Literally going store to store to start wholesaling.  Thank you to Leidan Mitchell and Nouvelle Armoire for saying yes. 
  4. Continued building wholesale accounts with local and national resort buying groups.  I'm forever thankful to Kim Westhoff and Matt Schaub for giving me a chance.
  5. Getting to work with valley icons like Diane Aiello.  I still have copies of every shoot. 
  6. Taking designs to your homes and clubs for trunk shows.  So many of you welcomed me and invited your friends.  It truly meant the world.  A huge thanks to Lynn Julian for not only hosting but annually taking designs on her trips.  
  7. Built an online website back in 2011.  That was something!  
  8. Participating in Board of Visitors Care Card yearly.
  9. Having The Willows Home & Garden carry my designs-almost 15 years now. Thank you Bev Burch.  
  10. Starting the Sunday Share on Instagram and Facebook.  It continues to be a highlight of my work.   Supporting, uplifting and celebrating women within our community brings me huge joy.
  11. Adding the Senior Share 3 summers ago to celebrate high school & college graduates.  Thank you Laura Westfall for the push to make it happen. 
  12. Moved on Up.....out of my in-home studio to our current location at Central & Camelback. 
  13. Launching “Make It” Parities and kicking the concept off with Lory Parson of To Have To Host.  Working with her is perfection!
  14. Designing custom fund raising products for charities and schools like Valleywise, Mother's Grace, Fresh Start Women's Foundation, Brophy College Prep, Xavier College Prep, and The Ryan House.
  15. Being a founder of The Phoenix Collective, a woman owned & small business group.
  16. Creating mantra bracelets during Covid to try and spread positivity through an uncertain and challenging time. Getting to work with Just Try It on a meaningful launch.     
  17. Hosting countless corporate events, birthday parties and schools for "Make It Bracelet" parties.
  18. Designing and launching the Care Collection collaboration to raise funds to support Mother's Grace and Fresh Start Women's Foundation. A special thanks to many local news features to raise awareness.  A shout out to Marcia Scott your PR guidance. Plus extra thanks to Andrea Evans and Zenobia Mertel of Frontdoors
  19. Special holiday collabs with Koko's Candles,  Local Nest and Pretty Paper Club.
  20. You taking the time and voting for Jewel Ya to help us win 2023 Best of the Valley: Jewelry!

We can't wait to celebrate & toast to YOU November 9th at the studio!  You are truly the reason Jewel Ya continues and thrives.  

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