Jaslean Ahuja: Audiologist & Owner of Curating Cures

Jaslean Ahuja: Audiologist & Owner of Curating Cures

This Sunday we are sharing Jaslean Ahuja, audiologist and owner of Curating Cures. Jaslean attended the University of Arizona, where she double majored in Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences along with Psychology. She then attended University of the Pacific Doctorate of Audiology Program, and moved to San Francisco to pursue being a clinical audiologist. Jaslean is now a Doctor of Audiology where she works with patients who have hearing loss and treats them through hearing aids. Jaslean shares that she absolutely loves her profession and finds it so rewarding to give the gift of hearing back to somebody who has lost it for years. Jaslean says the smile and joyful tears she gets to see when activating a patient's hearing aid is more fulfillment than she could have ever imagined a career could bring. While Jaslean loves her career, she also has a passion for health, wellness, mindfulness, and intuitive living. She is a huge advocate for mental health, holistic healing, and natural remedies. Curating Cures was created to help others know they are never alone in their thoughts, feelings, and emotions while also creating a community to support others in living a more intuitive life. Curating Cures ranges from natural remedies for health issues, to mindfulness techniques, to how to better be in touch with your intuition and so much more.

Jaslean's biggest commitment is to help and serve others by enhancing their quality of life. Whether that's through better hearing in her medical profession or teaching others how to truly love themselves- both offer an impactful difference in someone's life. Jaslean loves expressing how we can live a more mindful, abundant, and happy life. It is always possible with the right mindset and energy shift.

Jaslean shares that she is a huge extrovert and people person and loves helping others in a world that can seem so harsh- she strongly believes it is so important to spread the positivity in any way possible.

If you would like to learn more about holistic living, natural remedies and intuitive living to ease the mind, body, and soul, head over to Curating Cures on instagram or visit www.curatingcures.com

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