Ruth Plotkin: Succcess Strategies Coaching PLLC

Ruth Plotkin: Succcess Strategies Coaching PLLC

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This Sunday we are sharing Ruth Plotkin. Ruth says that her husband of 29 years and 3 boys are the center of her life and heart. Ruth takes pride in her values of being an honest, trustworthy and loyal wife, mom and friend.

Ruth worked on and off throughout her 25 years as a mom, but says her proudest accomplishment is having the ability to be the primary caretaker for all of her boys as they were growing up. Professionally she has always known that she wanted to go into the field of mental health. Ruth's parents were educators, her father a guidance counselor, and her mother, a special education teacher in impoverished areas of NYC. Growing up, Ruth admired their dedication to help others and  decided to pursue a career as a therapist herself.

Over the years, she worked to help all age groups with mental health challenges. Ruth eventually moved out of therapy and became a life coach. She particularly enjoy working with teens and youth and coaching them to reach their fullest potential by learning and managing their executive function skills. This in turn leads to lead both academic and personal success, which will help them throughout their lives. After having worked in various positions within the educational environment, Ruth has now gone out on her own to establish, Success Strategies Coaching PLLC where she can focus her passion of working with not only teens and youth, but all needing some life coaching and executive function guidance.

Being always drawn to helping children, and those in need, Ruth loves to volunteer her time with foster children, having served many years on the foster care review board. Ruth also enjoys giving time to various philanthropic charities that provide services for the homeless and hungry in our community such as the local food banks.

Living in a house full of males, Ruth became quite adept at multitasking and all things sports. Ruth shares that one of the greatest motivators is seeing her clients successes and gave her the drive to start her own practice.

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